As an EMS provider, you know what kind of calls you’re heading into based on dispatch information.

Sometimes, however, a call can turn in a different, unexpected direction.

EMS1 asked their Facebook fans to describe a call that has baffled them the most; here are some of their responses.

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  1. “My very first call after my third ride in EMS was a 42-year-old male who purposely cut off his penis, because the internet told him cutting it off and sewing it back on would make sex better.” – Paul Bernard Jr.
  2. “A gentleman who had been consuming alcohol all day long and feeling the repercussions of his decisions calls in for an unresponsive male. We get on scene and he requests EMS to go get him a Gatorade.” – Vanessa Bosch
  3. “Unconscious and unresponsive patients with great vitals and no previous history.” –Cindi Loo
  4. “The first time I got baffled was on a call for epistaxis. Senior citizen, blood thinners, high BP … it was actually pretty severe. On the way to the hospital, she began bleeding from her eyes. I was a brand new EMT at the time and trying to maintain a poker face. Turns out the elevated BP and blood thinners caused her blood to puncture membranes separating those cavities. It wasn’t Ebola or anything.” – Scott Davis
  5. Fraternal twins, early 20s, both had been stabbed multiple times. They were in trauma bays side by side. I found it very interesting that their heart rates stayed the same the entire time. If one changed, the other changed seconds later to the same number as the other twin.” – Shannon Feagen
  6. “Severely altered mentation in 40ish male … arrived to find him severely jaundiced to point his eyes nearly glowed they were so yellow. Noticed black eyes, severe bruises (older) everywhere, but especially to torso and back. Relative states he came home badly beaten one week ago in altercation after leaving a bar. He refused to name people responsible and wouldn’t seek medical attention for his injuries. Said he started turning yellowish 3-4 days earlier then became confused and combative. He ultimately died at ED from liver/kidney failure secondary to injures from the beating. Strangest thing I think I ever saw.” – Debbie Linkous Thomas